St. Thomas Episcopal Church

We are a welcoming community following Christ through loving service and joyful worship in the Episcopal tradition.

In-Person Worship

The Holy Eucharist is celebrated at 5:30pm on Saturdays, and 8am and 10am on Sundays.  Below please find registration links for Sunday morning worship, and a list of our current protocols.  

In-person Worship Registration 

Please note registration links opens one week in advance of service date.

To register for the 5:30pm service on October 9 please click here
To register for the 8am service on October 10 please click here
To register for the 10:00am service on October 10 please click here
To register for the 5:30pm service on October 16 please click here
To register for the 8am service on October 17 please click here
To register for the 10:00am service on October 17 please click here

In-person Worship Protocols

We ask all those who attend worship to abide by the follow:

  • For the safety of all, if you or anyone in your household, does not feel well, please stay home, even if you think it is just a cold or allergies. Coughing and sneezing can spread asymptomatic COVID-19.
  • Masks: We ask that all people, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask for worship. The CDC has recommended that in places of substantial or high transmission all people wear masks when gathered with groups indoors. Rhode Island is current at the high transmission rate.
  • Social Distancing: Please continue to practice social distancing by only sitting in pews with books.
  • Arrive early for the service to allow time for sign in, screening, and seating. For the 5:30pm service please arrive no earlier than 5:10pm, for the 8am service please arrive no earlier than 7:40am, and for the 10am service please arrive no earlier than 9:40am.
  • Enter the church through the front doors only.
  • Hand sanitizer is available via the touch free station at the entrance to the church.
  • Music: Congregational singing is permitted as long as all those singing are wearing a mask.
  • Communion: Communion will continue to be distributed in one-kind only (just the bread). We will have a single communion station at the head of the aisle instead of using the communion rail.
  • Read and abide by the Diocesan “Covenant for Regathering” (Included below).
  • Sign and return Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus: available in the Weekly Update, mailed upon request, and available here.

Thank you for your support and generosity as we continue our regathering journey.

Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island Covenant for Regathering 

 I promise, to the best of my ability with God’s help, to abide by the guidelines of the Diocese of Rhode Island for participation in church as we regather during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

 In fulfillment of the Baptismal Covenant (BCP p. 304-305), I will strive to:  

 Love my neighbor as myself, I will . . .

  • Wear a mask or scarf over my nose and mouth at all times in church buildings, except momentarily to receive the sacrament or lead worship by an assigned speaking part and follow public health guidelines for hand sanitizing and disinfecting.  
  • Only attend worship if I am non-symptomatic for the COVID-19 virus or any other transmittable disease that could compromise the health of another person also attending.  
  • Abstain from attending if doing so would put me at greater risk due to my own health status. 

Respect the dignity of every human being, I will . . .

  • Make no physical contact with people beyond the members of my own household.  
  • Maintain a six foot or more distance from other members of the congregation.  
  • Respect any requests for distance, masking, cleaning, and disinfecting to ensure the safety and comfort level of others.  

Seek and serve Christ in all people . . .

  • Support the decisions of my diocesan and congregational leaders.  
  • Stay connected with others in my community by telephone, video chat, mail, or other means. 

This is our expectation for all those who wish to worship with us in person. By participating in our worship, you assume responsibility for following the above.  

June 2020