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Strictly Rhode Island



Below is a list of terms, foods and other items that can only be found in Rhode Island by this name.

Bubbla – Drinking fountain.

Cabinet – A drink made from milk, flavored syrup, and ice cream. In other parts of the country it’s called a milk shake or a frappe.

Coffee Ice Cream/Cabinet – Coffee flavored ice cream is predominately served in Rhode Island.  It is ice cream sweetened with coffee flavored extract.  Ask for a Coffee Cabinet anywhere else in the country and your server will look at you like you have three heads.

Coffee Milk – Coffee milk is similar to Chocolate milk.  Rather than chocolate syrup being mixed in with the milk, it is coffee syrup.

Cherrystone – Cherrystones are quahogs that are a little larger and juicier than littlenecks. They are usually served raw on the half shell or cooked with pasta dishes.

Del’s Lemonade – Del’s is a Summer-time tradition in Rhode Island.  A Del’s Lemonade is finely crushed ice mixed with lemon syrup and chunks of un pealed lemons.  If you are caught using a spoon to eat a Del’s Lemonade, you may be asked to leave the state.

Downcity – Some people think Downcity is just another name for Providence’s downtown, but it actually specifically refers to the Downcity Arts and Entertainment District, established in 1996. The district is bounded by Dorrance, Sabin, Empire, and Pine Streets.

Gagga – Otherwise known as a destroyerbellybuster, or hot wiener. A small hot dog with a natural casing, slathered in mustard, meat sauce, chopped onions, and celery salt, and served in a steamed bun.

Grinda – Otherwise known as a hoagie, po’ boy, or sub. It’s a sandwich.

Jimmies – A liberal sprinkling of these can brighten up a dull, dreary ice cream cone. Funny thing is, you’d be hard pressed to find “jimmies” in the baking section of a Rhode Island grocery store, where they are invariably called “sprinkles.”

Littleneck – A littleneck is the smallest size of quahog that is legal to harvest. They are served raw on the half shell, or baked in a shell with breadcrumbs and spices as clams casino.

Quahog – A kind of ocean clam, or bivalve mollusk, found in the waters of the North Atlantic. They come in two varieties: Arctica islandica, the ocean quahog; and Mercenaria mercenaria, the bay quahog.

Saugy – A particular brand of hot dog, made with natural casings, that cuts loose with a distinctive “snap” when bitten into. The Saugy Company was founded in Providence in 1869

Scrod – A fillet made from any one of a number of kinds of young whitefish (under 2.5 pounds), including Atlantic cod, haddock, and pollock. Any Rhode Island seafood restaurant that left scrod off its menu would do so at its own peril.