St. Thomas Episcopal Church

We are a welcoming community following Christ through loving service and joyful worship in the Episcopal tradition.


This ministry is concerned with educating church members about how the gifts we receive from God play a part in the life of St. Thomas’ Church. We all have time, talent and treasure and it is important to understand how these gifts from God are on loan to us. Using these gifts to directly support our church and its ministries are vital to the success and continued operation of St. Thomas’ Church.

Stewardship is an ongoing ministry, but it really kicks into high gear at the end of summer. The committee initially meets to come up with a theme for the stewardship campaign and to set dates on the church calendar. These dates include the kickoff supper and the gratitude breakfast at the end of the campaign. Committee members will help with planning and running these meals, choosing a theme and using that theme to promote the stewardship campaign. The committee will also select speakers, skits and promotional items to support the campaign.

The time involvement is only a few months, but those few months are very busy with activity. Do YOU feel called to join us?

Contact: Jacki Zahn, email: