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The Region

About Smithfield, Rhode Island

Smithfield is a wonderful place to live for the whole family. Located approximately 15 miles outside of the Rhode Island state capitol of Providence, It includes the historic villages of Esmond, Georgiaville, Mountaindale, Hanton City, Stillwater and Greenville. The population was 21,430 at the 2010 census.


The area comprising modern-day Smithfield was first settled in 1660 by several British colonists, including John Steere as a farming community and named after Smithfield, London. The area was within the boundaries of Providence until 1731 when Smithfield was incorporated as a separate town.


The public schools are some of the best in the state.  Smithfield has four public Elementary Schools, one public Middle School and one public High School.

Smithfield, RI is also the home to Bryant University, a private university with programs in business and the arts and sciences, is located in Smithfield. In 1971, the University moved to its current campus in Smithfield when the founder of Tupperware, Earl Silas Tupper, a Bryant alumnus, donated the current 428 acres (1.73 km2) of land to be the new campus. The famous Bryant Archway was also relocated. The old Emin Homestead and Captain Joseph Mowry homestead occupied much of the land that makes up the present day Smithfield campus. The land was purchased and farmed for three generations between the late 19th century and the mid-20th century. Today, many descendants of the original Emin settlers still live near the Bryant campus. The school also claims a handful of family members as alumni and offers a scholarship for accounting students as a tribute to the Emin family. Historical pictures of the Emin Homestead can still be found in the Alumni house.


Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the country, but it offers the benefits and fun of any other in a small, convenient area. Along with what the rest of New England has to offer, it is sure to make a wonderful place to live for you and the whole family. Rhode Island – […]


Strictly Rhode Island

  *STRICTLY RHODE ISLAND Below is a list of terms, foods and other items that can only be found in Rhode Island by this name. Bubbla – Drinking fountain. Cabinet – A drink made from milk, flavored syrup, and ice cream. In other parts of the country it’s called a milk shake or a frappe. Coffee Ice […]