St. Thomas Episcopal Church

We are a welcoming community following Christ through loving service and joyful worship in the Episcopal tradition.

What St. Thomas wants in a Priest

Here at St. Thomas, we are looking for a priest who can cultivate the spiritual community that has thrived for the past decade and guide us into an even more prosperous future.

A decade ago, St. Thomas was blessed with the rejuvenation of our parish when members from Calvary church merged with our parish. This combination of parishes was beneficial to us in a number of ways. Besides simply boosting our Sunday attendance, it added more depth and personality to our parish spiritually and brought new ideas and perspectives to our worship community. This experience was truly a catalyst for this parish, and taught is more than ever, how to truly be a church.

St. Thomas prides itself on the contributions it makes to the community. Our annual bazaar has proven to be a smash hit in the last ten years. We have also hosted children from City Camp in Providence during the summer, which has proven to be a moving experience for both the children from camp and the hosts from our parish. Our church community prides itself on opportunities to grow spiritually outside of our worship services; our School for Discipleship and healing service have both been well received upon their introduction. A new priest to our parish must be willing to help support and grow both of these key areas to our parish.

We at St. Thomas are excited to see what the future holds for our parish. As a cornerstone in our community for 150 years, we have weathered many challenges and transitions throughout our history. But we believe that we have never been stronger in our commitment to ‘create disciples through worship, ministry, and spiritual growth’ and look forward to finding a spiritual leader who can nurture us in these ideals.